Wednesday, January 25, 2012

D&D Forever

I received my play-test copy of the New D&D rules yesterday and have intensively skimmed through the entire packet.

Overall, there is a lot to like in there and I feel, given the many tough choices and pitfalls in their path, it displays that they have had clever and conscientious minds at work.

Despite the limited nature of the packet, I think I see several core mechanical design choices that I am really really digging.

That said, there are still some things which trouble me. Many of these things are not fully described in the play-test packet - I do take heart that a few of the core things I was most worried about (before seeing any of the rules at all) were handled very well in the play-test packet.

I'm keeping a journal of things I like, don't like, and things which just puzzle me for now. Sadly I can't share any of this yet, but I can tell you that amongst the elements I dislike, I have included "Tordek".

Screw that guy.


  1. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this, given how you felt about the last two editions.

    ...this, of course, will have to wait until the NDA isn't hanging over your head like the Sword o' Damocles.

  2. Heh...

    Awesome graphic, by the way.