Thursday, January 19, 2012

4e sucked.

I'm just gonna do a brief vent... please don't read onward as what follows is completely pointless negativity.

I played some 4e; it really sucked. I'm glad it is dead (or at least dying).

When I played, all the players wasted too much time building characters (mechanics only) and analyzing feats and powers DURING COMBAT and not enough time doing anything interesting or creative. Combats, and to some extend the entire game, felt just so frikkin procedural.

I'm glad there is a new edition coming out for no other reason than some kind of satisfaction I feel with the burying of 4e.

I hate 4e especially for making 3e seem like such a good system in comparison - I hated that one too (also mostly because of all the feats and builds and min-maxing).


  1. Venting only works if someone reads it, which I did.

  2. If nothing else, you've presented me with a lovely picture I intend on saving to my computer. But I will concur; a lot of the game's fun was constantly sapped by the layout and design of everything, along with its Super Man PC mentality.

  3. Hear hear!

    4e was a wargame in roleplaying game's clothing, and not even a good wargame.

    I won't be sad to see it fade into the ether, or to see its fans understand what it feels like to have your system ruthlessly gutted and transformed into an unrecognizable mess.

    As I say this, the 4e books I have on my shelf behind me (damn you, hype) cackle mercilessly.

  4. My group all agreed that it felt like a miniatures skirmish game that we were tacking a little roleplay onto, not unlike playing Monopoly and coming up with a reason why the Hat, the Dog, and Shoe are all trying to become real estate moguls.